PicsArt vs CapCut – Comprehensive Guide and Comparison

PicsArt and CapCut are famous and popular apps for editing images and creating digital content. You can use these apps for your creative requirements. If you want to do photo editing you can get excellent results to use and focus the PicsArt app. After that, you find a unique image. 

On the other hand, CapCut is a video editing app that provides all the tools for free. Here we will detail the difference and comparison between PicsArt vs CapCut.

PicsArt vs CapCut

Purpose & Functionality

PicsArt especially a photo editing app offers its users a variety of their tools. You can also create collages. This app has different features like photo retouching, a background, and object removal. It includes various filters, effects, and text to images. Users can also use drawing tools to draw on images directly. 

PicsArt vs CapCut - Purpose & Functionality 

However, Capcut offers capabilities to create and edit your video content and is specially designed to enhance your videos for social media. It includes different features that make it easy to cut trim and splice videos. It allows the user to add music, apply effects or filters, and transitions to their videos. Users can use text overlay and animated stickers to make videos attractive. 

PicsArt vs CapCut – User Interface

PicsArt offers a friendly interface that is easy for beginners and professional users. Mobile and PC versions are available. Its quick access on mobile makes it popular for users to edit. This app provides a well-organized tool, to navigate and search the special features. 

PicsArt vs CapCut - User Interface

CapCut has a straightforward interface, is easy to navigate, and provides quick video edits for beginners. It’s a timeline-based editing interface, easy to arrange video editing and export options for social media platforms. Its clear layout with drag-and-drop features allows user to add elements and edit their videos easily.

PicsArt vs CapCut – Features

PicsArt has a wide range of editing tools. This toolkit provides different options. Users can also crop the images. It offers a vast library of effects, filters, frames, backgrounds, and stickers that change the image from basic to advanced. It also allows users to create their own stickers and give the images an artistic touch. Read the article PicsArt Tutorial to learn more about its features.

The PicsArt community showcases their creativity, providing the user with inspiration and knowledge about the trends of artistic ideas. Choosing the available tools and features creates a beautiful image. These features are helping hands for newbies and also professional editors with help to increase the beauty of creative projects. 

PicsArt vs CapCut - Features

On the other hand, CapCut a video editing app offers a variety of tools for newbie and professional users. All its features like speed effects, filters, splitting, trimming, transitions, text overlays, and audio editing make the video more attractive and create powerful content for social media. This app is designed to cut and trim easily.

Users add music and animated stickers that are supported to enhance creativity and engage the viewers. Users can also directly transform and share their edited videos on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, etc., or save options to their mobile’s gallery.

Cost and Subscription Models 

PicsArt offers both free and subscription-based plans. Users can use basic features for free with ads while requiring a subscription for advanced features, additional tools, and an ad-free experience. Capcut is completely free, no subscription is required to access all features and tools but it includes ads. Read the article PicsArt vs InShot to know the PicsArt subscription plan.

CapCut – In-App Purchases

Duration Price
Monthly Subscription$9.99
Monthly Subscription$7.99
Template Editing$0.49
Monthly Subscription$12.99
One-month PRO$11.99
Monthly Subscription$5.99
Yearly Subscription$89.99

PicsArt vs CapCut – Best Use Case

PicsArt is a photo editing application. If you are a banner designer, this app can enhance your creativity or make your artwork a masterpiece. Users can also use this app for digital artists, social media influencers, digital illustrations, etc. PicsArt is very famous among marketers and content creators. Many content creators are making money from this amazing app for designing.

PicsArt vs CapCut - Best Use case

However, CapCut is a popular video editing application for creating reels, short videos, promotion content, and personal projects. Users can edit and enhance their videos to upload on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube Channel, etc.

PicsArt vs CapCut – Platforms Supported

SaaS / WebYesYes

Frequently Asked Questions

PicsArt is a good app because of its user-friendly interface and provides expensive tools and features for free. 

Yes, like PicsArt CapCut is also a good app. Its interface is easily understandable by the user and the best thing is that all the tools are free of cost.

There is a minor reduction or loss of the image quality when we resign an image.

PicsArt provides many AI tools that enhance photos and save a lot of time.

Yes, you can enjoy all the features and the social assets for free with the presence of ads. 


In conclusion, we explained and discussed the comparison between these two apps. It all depends on your needs and what you want to edit. If you have to edit a photo then you must choose PicsArt.

But, if you have to edit videos then CapCut is the best Choice. Both of these apps provide Fabolus features for enhancing different artwork projects.

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