How to Cancel PicsArt Free Trial?

You want to cancel the PicsArt free trial, but you don’t know how to cancel it. I am here to guide you on how you can cancel it. You have to just follow simple steps on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. 

Almost every app provides us with a free trial. The PicsArt app offers a 7-day free trial to use the pro features like Ai enhance, Remove BG, Remove, Effects, Filters, Stickers, and many more. Now discuss how you can cancel the free trial after 7 days. 

Cancel PicsArt Free Trial

Important Points to Cancel PicsArt Free Trial


Timing is a crucial point. So, cancel the free trial before it ends to avoid unwanted charges. PicsArt offers a 7-day free trial. If your time is above 7 days, you have to pay charges.


When you cancel the subscription from any of your devices like Android, Apple, Microsoft, or PicsArt, remember to check out your email to confirm the cancellation of the subscription.


If you cancel the subscription first and now you want the subscription and decide to subscribe to a plan then you can reactivate the subscription.

For Android Device

You can follow these steps if you have an Android Mobile. 

  • Go to the Google Play Store of your Android mobile and click on it. 
  • There,s 3 horizontal lines or an Icon of your Google Play Store account on the top left corner of the screen, you have to tap on it to access the menu. 
  • After clicking on the Google Play Store Account. There a menu list shows that is Google Play Store Settings. In this account setting, there’s an option of Payment and Subscription. Click on it and now tap on the Subscriptions option. 
  • Now search the PicsArt app in the subscription list. After finding it, click on it and check the subscription details. 
  • After seeing the details, click on the cancel subscription option and follow all the instructions. Remember, to follow all the steps until you receive a confirmation email. In this email, they inform you that you have successfully canceled the subscription. 

For iOS Devices (iPhone/iPad)

You can follow these steps for canceling PicsArt free trial if you are an iPhone user. 

  • Find out and open your App Store on the Apple device. 
  • Click on the top right corner of your profile picture to access your account.
  • After clicking on App Store Settings, the menu list shows. Now click on the subscription option. This list contains all of your app subscriptions that are active or expired. 
  • Search out the PicsArt app subscription. Now click on it and check all the subscription details. 
  • After checking the details about the PicsArt app, click on cancel subscription and follow the process step by step until you receive a confirmation email.

For PC

Follow these steps, if you subscribe to the PicsArt subscription through your Microsoft Store or from the Web. 

  • Tap on the Microsoft Store shown in the taskbar or menu.
  • Now Click and access your account. Find 3 dots in the top right corner of the Microsoft Store and after that tap on My Library.  
  • There’s an option for Subscription in My Library. Check out all of your active or expired subscriptions. 
  • Find out the PicsArt subscription in the subscription option. View the details of it.
  • Now click on Manage or Cancel Subscription and follow the steps until they send you a confirmation email to cancel your PicsArt subscription.

For MacBook

If you are a Mac user, you can follow these steps for cancelling your free trial.

  • Open your app store of MacBook from your application folder or dock.
  • Click on the name of your account or the profile icon at the bottom left corner of the App Store Window. If you’re not logged in, log in to your account first. 
  • Now you have to check the information. Scroll down and tap on View Information. After that, if they ask, you have to sign in again.
  • In account information, scroll down, find out, and click the Manage option.
  • Now, click on Edit after finding out PicsArt in the given result.
  • Click on the Cancel Subscription option and confirm the process of canceling your PicsArt subscription. After this process, you receive a confirmation Email.

For Web-Based Subscriptions (PC & Mac)

Everyone knows that every app has a website on Google. Likewise, the PicsArt app also has a website. If you subscribe to any of the subscriptions monthly or a yearly plan through their website directly, then you can follow these steps to cancel the subscription.

  • Open your Chrome Browser and search their website by typing on the search bar
  • Enter your Login details (username and password) and log into it.
  • After login, you see your profile icon in the top left corner. Click on it to see all account settings.
  • In the settings, look for Subscription & Billing and tap on it to manage your subscription. 
  • Follow these steps and cancel the subscription. Make sure to check out your email to confirm the cancellation.

Why Canceling is Important Before the Trial Ends

Cancellation is essential before the free trial ends because of many reasons:

Avoid Charges

Payment Information is needed when you sign up for the PicsArt free trial. Within 7 days, if you forgot to cancel your trial, they automatically cut the next payment subscription from your card. 

Manage your Budget

Unwanted charges sometimes destroy your budget. Please save money by canceling your trial in time and reactivate it when needed. This process helps you to balance your financial budgets.

Skip Refund Hassles

At the end of the free trial, PicsArt charges you for the next subscription. Once the payment process is processed then they will not be able to refund it. So, cancel the subscription in time and prevent the hassle of a refund request.

Try Without Paying

In the period of trial, you can explore and use premium features and tools for free without any restrictions. You can edit your photos freely with these features without the option of being locked in.

Remember for Later

When the app’s service or tools don’t meet your expectations, the trial is canceled because the content is useless. The user remembers his preference for future reference to others.

Stop Auto-Renewals

Many of the subscription services have a policy of auto-renewal. If you don’t look at the subscription, you must pay continuously, and the cycle never stops. So, remember to cancel your subscription to stop the cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can install the PicsArt free version from your Google Play Store. 

Yes, you can cancel your PicsArt free trial within 7 days to avoid further unwanted charges.

Yes, free trials expire because the apps that offer free trials for using premium features contain a limited time. 

No, it doesn’t charge you during the free trial; you can cancel it any time before it ends. 

Login to your PicsArt account, click on the option of Billing & Subscription in settings, and cancel the subscription. 

Final words

In short, canceling the PicsArt trial is a piece of cake. It’s crucial to cancel your PicsArt free trial before it ends to avoid unwanted charges. You can read the step-by-step process for different devices to cancel it. Ensure to confirm the cancellation process by checking your Email box. 

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